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Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design.

  • Hello world! What is this blog all about?

     DISCLAIMER (and such) Please assume for the sake of argument that any accounts you read from this Blog are fictionalized. I am an artist. I write  works of fiction for entertainment, often my own. I make no claims that any persons mentioned in this blog no...

  • Ripping ones’ self a new one (it’s funny in the end)

    I’m hoping this is not a sign of things to come,  I’ve had a small digestive issue since just before Passover. For those of you who haven’t had the joy of experiencing a full 8 day  kosher Passover like we observe at Che Marder you ma...

  • Why dose he write so funny?

    It takes a special Person to want to read this You may notice I don’t spell very well. (you will if you keep reading, eventually spell check will fail me as it always dose) Punctuation is optional at times, as well why sacrifice getting a thought out ...

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