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Works of Fne Art by :

Daniel N.Marder

For me, making Art is the harmony between the philosophical notions of beauty, and the Processes used to create it.










Much of my Art references parts of the body, Sometimes it’s intentional but the viewer’s perceptual representation of the self in proportion to the object of view is much stronger than the artist’s intention. This happens because your brain is working to make sense of what it sees. most of the time it sees you (a human body). I don’t need to control the viewer if you are intrigued you’ll keep looking.

My Nesting Forms combine tension Preserved in the exterior form & the effect of their Symbiotic relationship revealed in the objects interiors.

I love using Glass for this work not as a decorative medium but a sculptural element because of the intricate Processes involved in working it in both hot and cold states. Forming glass is a balance of both physical and mental extremes. Manipulating this alien material in its molten state is a balance of skill, control, science and will.

The Tri-pod sculptures take the form of alien organisms in motion. The human scale of this work invites the viewer to explore the relationship of  the objects to the viewer and each other.

The purpose of Art is for you to form an opinion about it. Everyone needs to use their brain for something other than mundane tasks, It’s already being wasted most of your life doing every day things. You owe it to your mind to share your opinion in social situations about things you observe. It also happens to make the world a richer smarter place.

The Fragment series is an interpretation of Objects similar to that of Artifacts or Specimens preserved in a Natural History Museum, allowing the viewer to get lost investigating the microcosmic in small objects that draw you in to see inside them

For me, the cold working process is even more cerebral than the Hot shop, with weeks of polishing and surface carving on the same piece. This is another way the process informs my work.


Blown glass Optically polished and bututo- Setsubun series

Blown glass Optically polished and bututo- Setsubun series

I use glass not as a decorative medium but a sculptural element. For me, Sculpting with glass in its molten and cold forms are a performance art that consists of dialogues with the material and my team. An object can only result at the decisive moment that I decide to stop working.  This is one way forming glass is a balance of both physical and mental extremes in the same way as is casting metal or forging Iron. Though I have used one, a Hammer has much more limited use finishing glass.


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