Making Glass | Why dose he write so funny?
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Why dose he write so funny?

16 May Why dose he write so funny?

It takes a special Person to want to read this You may notice I don’t spell very well. (you will if you keep reading, eventually spell check will fail me as it always dose) Punctuation is optional at times, as well why sacrifice getting a thought out for something like a pause, or what if , I’m thinking in pros, like a poem, Punctuation rules just don’t apply all the time.  I find both vehicles bothersome though necessary for communication (so there’s the rub). The real Issue is even though I have managed to obtain a ‘terminal degree’ and I have been a University Teacher for over a decade I still have a Central Auditory Processing Disorder…  I don’t put things together like anyone else. My brain for lack of better ways of understanding the world decided to teach itself at an early age and chooses to continue to do so. I can fake being ordinary pretty well most of the time That’s what the different do to survive until we are in a place where we are no longer a threat to the normal, I figured that out at an early age but of course the hard way. While at an interview for pre-school in Tokyo for my 1 year old son Lennon we discussed how in the Reggio inspired school (the Japanese  director actually studied in the town in Italy)  the native language Must take rout before introducing the second language, in this case Japanese  in the second year. It will be interesting to see what methods are used to make this happen perhaps they can use food to get him to talk… Lennon would like that.

Danny Marder

Daniel N. Marder is a Visual Artist, Teacher, Writer, Cook, Consumer, Critic, Primary Care provider of two growing & inquisitive children, and Husband on an enthusiastic pursuit of the brilliant experience of life. Sometimes funny sometimes strange always seems like it should be in someone 's screen play and then they started blogging.

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