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find yer way back

11 Jul find yer way back

Packing a house for a  two year absence while on a global assignment, seems like the sort of thing you can do a bit at a time until its done. That is until a couple of emergencies like unplanned surgery (not so much the surgery but  the recovery bit) Over confidence in the ability of anyone you know, or anyone  related to you, in  actually being  effective in  helping you. two weeks out when the constituent parts don’t fall into place your scrambling like a cockroach in a frat house kitchen and  the light was just turned on. One week out at the good bye dinner Your wife’s Boss reveals her plan to have her attend an important meeting the Thursday before you are moving 6000 miles away with two kids. The packers are coming on Mon & Tue to put your life neatly in Air and sea containers. Wed Thur & Friday are for you to to pack the suitcases for the things to sustain you until those things arrive. Guess who didn’t get to put that piece together? It ended up being fragmented into two teams team Erika and her mom who forgot things daddy uses like Sofi’s de-tangle spray for her hair ( hard to find in Japan) and team Danny and his family of  arguing helpers. I was so busy answer questions I forgot to pack my own simple items like deodorant and razors. Try to go to a new place during rainy season and find those things (bald man shaves his head). News alert to all you Executive types family lives for your carers. I applaud your decision process, Hell I Admire it. I come from can even try to wrap my mind around it…

Perhaps you were raised by absentee Executive type parents (I come from a broken home)

Perhaps you just aren’t mature enough to have kids (I waited till I was 40)

Maybe you’re too damn busy(I worked 90 hr weeks as an Artist sometimes I didn’t know what day it was)

Perhaps you never found a suitable partner (Dated some Psyco-Hose Beasts before meeting Erika)

Perhaps you never took the time to be artificially inseminated  or in-peregrinate someone on purpose.

Whatever the reason If you have an employee who has managed to do this thing not once, but twice, that could be for all intensive purposes considered  a respectable accomplishment- unless they’re a complete fuck-whit and you’re trying to get rid of them by sending them on global assignment, or  think they deserve to be miserable, need them to suffer, are trying to break up their marriage, retard the development of their kids… you know- in a Bettelheim sense, It would be hard to prove in a court of law, but philosophically if you pathological hated children it might satisfy some need inside you… If any of the above criteria are true; Then, ignore what I’m going to write next.

If you like the employee you’re sending on global assignment think about how they are actually going to manage the task of moving don’t assume that they are managing it. No, The Spouse is already booked managing the closing of the household!  The company doesn’t send people overseas for a living, The people they pay exorbitant amounts of money to test and pre-qualify and pack don’t do as much as you think. The truth of the matter is, the moving part is all up to us. Give Your much appreciated Employee a week at home with as little interruption as possible to pack, It’s the least you can do!

Danny Marder

Daniel N. Marder is a Visual Artist, Teacher, Writer, Cook, Consumer, Critic, Primary Care provider of two growing & inquisitive children, and Husband on an enthusiastic pursuit of the brilliant experience of life. Sometimes funny sometimes strange always seems like it should be in someone 's screen play and then they started blogging.

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