Making Glass | Curriculum Vitae
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Curriculum Vitae


  • 1995-1997- MFA, Masters of Fine Arts, Temple University, Tyler Campus Elkins Park, PA
    • Concentration: Glass
  • 1996 Art and Culture Rome, Temple University Program “Vision and Rationality” Rome,Italy.
    • Faculty: Susan Stewart, Alan Singer, Franca Camiz, Jan Gadeyne Visiting: Peter Greenaway
  • 1990-1995- Bachelors of Fine Arts School of the Art Institute Chicago, IL
    • Concentrations: ceramics, hot glass, kinetics, electronics, neon, sculpture
  • 1994-1995 International Exchange Australian National University Canberra ACT
    • Concentrations: Aboriginal art theory and hot glass
    • Faculty: Jane Bruce, Sylvia Kleinert, Stephen Proctor
    • Visiting: Dante Marioni Dick Marquis and Brian Kirkvlit
  • 1993 Rhode Island School of Design Exchange Program
    • Concentration: Glass blowing
    • Faculty: Michael Scheiner
  • 1992-1993- Pre-Columbian Excursion, Mexico Institute of Art San Miguel de Allende
    • Traveled through Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Tecolutla Vericruz for the study of Pre-Columbian and modern North American art.
    • Faculty: Fillip Eranburg and Jennifer Herrith
  • 1991-1994- Ox Bow Saugatuck, MI.
    • Beginning glassblowing 1 and 2, glass blowing, glass forming, mold blowing, coal forge black-smithing, independent study.
    • Faculty: Jerry and Cathy Catania. Visiting: Kotoro Hamada, George Seagull, Stephen Tater, Mike Zelenka
  • 1983-1986- Southern Illinois University, undergraduate program, Carbondale, IL
    • Concentrations: cinema and photography
Instructor- Hot , Cold, Torch , Boro, Casting, Fused & Neon



  • 2003 - Present - Founder Making Glass LLC
  • 1998 -2003 - Full time Faculty Fulton School, Art Department Salisbury University, Salisbury MD
    • Duties: 3-D and sculpture area head. Determined a new curriculum for area. Built a hot glass studio as pioneer glass blowing and casting program in the Maryland State System. Consulted on new 3-D facility design and location. Aided in press coverage and fund raising for area.
    • Curriculum: 3-D, advanced 3-D, glass blowing, sculpture 1, 2, 3, web page design and wood sculpture, assemblage and art installation classes.
  • 1998 Adjunct Faculty, Art Department, Salisbury University, Salisbury MD
    • Duties: Created first summer art program classes in 3-D at SU, Instructor for summer session 3-D\ glass casting class.
    • Adjunct Faculty, Art Department, Salisbury University, Salisbury MD
    • Duties: Instructor for BFA independent study, sculpture 1, 2, 3 and 3-D, advanced 3-D. Consultant on relocation and design of 3-D area. Including hot glass studio, glass casting, metal fabrication, mold fabrication and wood working areas.
    • Faculty, Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY.
    • Duties: co-taught beginning lampworking using borosilicate and soft glass techniques, with Jennifer L. Kelting.
  • 1997 Art Class Instructor, Creative Artists Network of Philadelphia
    • Duties: taught puppet-making workshop for underprivileged children.
  • 1996-1997 Glass Department Technical Assistant-ship, Temple University Tyler Campus, Elkins Park, PA
    • Duties: consulted on design and supervised construction of new hot shop and addition. Head of glass studio operations including: equipment building and maintenance student teaching and supervision.
  • 1995- Part Time Faculty, Temple University, Tyler Campus, Elkins Park, PA
    • Duties: taught beginning glass weekend workshop, TA for glass casting class.
  • 1995-96- Part Time Faculty, Temple University, Tyler Campus, Elkins Park, PA
    • Introduction to glass class.
  • 1991-1995- Teaching Assistant, Neon, The School of the Art Institute Chicago, IL Art and Tech. Department
    • Duties: Met with students weekly for sectional supervisory, tutoring and demonstration. Order materials for lab demonstration and resale. Repair and maintenance of neon lab and equipment.
  • 1990-Present Independent Studio Artist: blown glass, neon, photographic processes, cast metal and steel sculpture, furniture and lighting.
  • 1988-Present Freelance Commercial Photographer, Daniel Marder Photography
    • Digital large, medium and small format. (Editorial, people, and table top).
  • 1984-1993 Touring Musician, Sanctuary House Band, Chicago, IL
    • Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, musical composition, studio production for independent projects and, live acts including: Danny Say’s, SX Beat and Well of Souls.
  • 1986-1995 Freelance Audio Engineer, Danny Says Sound and Davis Communications
    • Live and studio sound production. Commercial video and cable television.
  • 1987 Photographer's Representative, Stuart Block Photography, Chicago \ New York
Duties: National and international client relations, art director / ad agency calls, portfolio production National Direct Mail / Black Book Advertisement.
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