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Daniel N. Marder, has been an exhibiting artist in various media since age 12 and is an internationally collected artist. He has more than ten years of University teaching experience teaching subjects from Glassblowing to Cross Platform Web Page Design. Although he is considered a master of Hot, Warm and Cold Glass working He is also well versed in other studio arts and uses a myriad of materials in his work. Marder has a BFA in Art and Technology from The School of the Art Insitiute of Chicago (SAIC)and An MFA in Glass Blowing with an Emphisis in Art History From Tyler School of art at Temple University Elkins Park, PA he also studied at the Rhode Island School of design (RISD) Australian National University Canberra ACT, Temple Rome Graduate Studies, Institute of art San Miguel Del Allende Mex, and Oxbow Saugatuck MI

Artist Statement

I'm interested in things created by Scientific processes Photography, Glass working, Metal working, & Ceramics to name a few. Philosophically my art explores perception, relationships, contradiction, & variation. I use materials that are created in fast extreme environments and finished through contradictory slow meticulous manipulation. The Images I create are highly personal parts of my mind and environment that I order in the way makes the most sense to me then put it all on public display

Recent Exhibitions

This is a small listing of my shows awards and exhibitions